A Long Time Ago… In A Galaxy Far Far Away…

YEP. We went there. Right out of the gate. It’s a nerd restaurant. Get over it. Or maybe you want some Star Trek quote? Anyways, you’re sitting here surround by all this cool stuff, waiting to order some cool food, and hopefully sipping on a tasty beverage and wondering where in the heck did all this crap come from? And why stick it in a restaurant? Well, funny you should ask that…
So once upon a time there was this nice lady Michelle who was slogging it out in the real world doing the 9 to 5 thing and generally not having thoughts about being in the restaurant business. And there was Bill, her best friend (nobody really seems to know why) since like 4th grade or something (I admit I didn’t ask anyone about the timeline here), who was foolish enough to make a career out of being in the restaurant business by literally working for just about every sort of concept out there. Seriously. It’s ridiculous. Ask him about it sometime. (Don’t. It’s a really depressing and long story. Like ruin your meal long.)

MEANWHILE…Michelle was married to this nice fella Steve who had a thing for collecting things. Nerdy things. Like… ALL the nerdy things. He really believed in that line about he who dies with the most toys wins…and buddy let me tell ya, he won. He collected Star Wars and Star Trek and Transformers and oh heck you name it…he collected it. If it was a fandom, he was into it. Try picturing a house full of stuff. FULL. OF. STUFF. Like an episode of “Hoarders” full. When he passed a few years ago, Michelle was left with this amazing collection of toys and collectibles. How big? Look around, this is nothing. Remember what I said about “Hoarders” three sentences back?

MEANWHILE MEANWHILE… Bill was slogging it out in the kitchen of some clam shack in New Hampshire or Maine or someplace cold like that. (I asked but he started rambling and I sort of tuned out. It’s one of those states though.) And he starts thinking that he’s pretty much done working for someone else, and wants to build a place where he can cook some funky food and serve some cool beers and just let people hang out. And so he’s complaining to Michelle about it all and she’s complaining about her house full of stuff and how she wishes she had a place to put it where people could see it all and marvel at all its awesomeness. So yeah, someone said something about a nerd restaurant and here you are reading this longwinded story.

BUT WAIT! There’s more (You should order now, or if you already did, your food will be up in a minute, relax.) We have to find a place for said nerd restaurant. Enter Stan and Jean, the lovely owners of Steadman’s Corner. This quaint little place you currently have your heiny parked in has been a restaurant of some sort for about 50 or 60 years. And back in the early days of the birth of NASA and Redstone Arsenal, this used to be a nice little lunch spot. And guess who used to eat here? WERNHER FREAKING VON BRAUN. Heck yes… Huntsville’s original nerd. So you can see why we had to jump all over this place when we heard that. Oh, and let’s not forget Dan, our first employee, and the guy who helped build all this awesomeness. Ask him about Marvel vs. DC. Pleeeease ask him. And Stephen, Michelle’s super cool boyfriend, who, after about 25 years in the restaurant business himself, was smart enough to sit on the sidelines and offer advice and sarcasm, most all of it unsolicited. (Hmmmm… I wonder who got talked into writing this hot mess of a story…)

Let’s face it. Nerds built this town into what it is. And we think this nerdy town deserves a place with some nerdy history to it. So yeah, we love what you love, whatever genre or fandom that is. We’re seriously glad you’re here. So relax and enjoy yourself. Wander around and stare. It’s ok with us. Your server is most likely hovering over you waiting to take your order (I hope you figured that out before you read this… I mean, this is filler because we didn’t really have anything else to put back here…), or if you kept your menu, then your food is probably in front of you getting cold. Just sayin’.